Here fiction and non-fiction authors alike can have professional book edits by top editors in the industry.

Screenplay Editing

If your screenplay is in the correct format, then it is time for it to be edited. Our team of experts will read through your screenplay and look for any errors regarding: grammar, punctuation, formatting, and the like. You will also receive information on continuity, and whether or not the screenplay makes sense to the reader. Submit Now!  

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If your book has already been copy edited, and you need a final proof before your manuscript is sent to the publishers, then this is the choice for you. One of our talented editors will do a final read-through of your book or script, and they will suggest minor edits. Again, this service if only for those who have already had their book copy edited. Submit Now!  

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Line Editing

In a more advanced edit we correct: Everything included in copy editing, awkward sentence structure, and flow of events. This also comes with: Editor’s notes. Turn-around: 14-20 days Submit Now!    

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Copy Editing

Finding mistakes on your manuscript’s pages, browsing the text for reformatting or alterations and finding a constant balance between storytelling and readability…this is the everyday routine that our editors love. With our help your text will become shiny and glossy in no time! For this option we correct: factual inaccuracies grammar and punctuation misuse of words and numerals Turn-around time: 7-10 days How can you submit your manuscript? Fill out

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Screenplay Formatting

  We format your screenplay using the professional software, Final Draft. Once the screenplay is formatted, you can move on to our editing process, if you so choose. This service does NOT include editing for grammar, spelling, and the like. This is ONLY for formatting. You will receive a .PDF and .FDR document once completed. Submit Now!        

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